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Are you ready to "get creative"?

Get creative this summer. When you read a book, you get a reaction from it. Did you love it? What did you love? Did you hate it? Do you have visions of reaching into the pages and grabbing a certain character and slapping them silly? GREAT! Show it!

What is your reaction? What does it create in you? Feelings of happiness? Feelings of despair? How about feelings of anger or hostility? Or does it make you fangirl your little heart out? We want to see your reaction.

What can you create from it?

This summer the library wants to see your creative reactions to a minimum of four books. Yes, four. 4. You can do more, but no less.

Read abook and give us something that show us your reaction to that book. We accept almost all forms of creativity (interpretive dance may or may not be accepted :D).

Not sure what we mean? Here are some ideas to get your started:

  • a poem
  • a short story (or a long one - hey, fanfiction totally counts!)
  • a painting
  • a drawing
  • a collage
  • a report
  • an in-depth, well thought out book review
  • a Pinterest board
  • a Tumblr blog
  • really, truly anything creative

RULES (of course there are rules, silly)

You must submit a minimum of four creative reactions. Four. Quatro. The number that comes between 3.999 and 5. Each of your projects equals one entry into our drawing. Therefore, four projects = four entries. Three or less projects gets you no entries. 8 reactions gives you a lot.

Your submissions my be received at the library by 7pm on August 5 to be included in the drawing. We are giving away 6 really great prizes for the teens and young adults this year.

This can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. We just want to see your creativity.

Special Events for YOU! (YAY!)

Creative Sidewalk Chalk Day @ the Library

Come decorate our sidewalk out front of the library. Creative atmosphere with lots of green will be provided.

June 9 from 4-6 PM


Flash Fiction Creative Writing Workshop

Three part series with Dr. Courtney Huse-Wika from BHSU

Learn all about flash fiction. We are going to help you write a short story in under 1500 words. Workshops will have creative atmosphere provided. The last event will give you the opportunity to read your piece in public (if you choose) at Blackbird Espresso Coffee Shop. Those who particpate in the final session will have BB refreshments provided for them!

1st session: June 27 from 4-6pm @ the library

2nd session: July 11 from 4-6pm @ the library

3rd session: July 25 from 4-6pm @ Blackbird Espresso


Graphic Novel Fans

Check out Tumble Books Graphic Novels Summer Special!

If you like this, make sure to let us know!






Do you have any great ideas as to what else the library should offer? If so, let us know! Hit us up either on the Facebook page or contact us and give us your input.



The following resources are available from the South Dakota State Library or South Dakota Library Network. Most log-ins require your library card barcode number and last name. For assistance e-mail us or call (605) 642-1330. 



Offers lessons and practice tests for common tests such as the GED, SAT, ACT, and specific career entry exams. Also offers a variety of skills improvement lessons, such as math and language, job search, interviewing, and resume building.

Courses in more than 60 languages to allow users to learn, listen and speak their chosen languages



Research resources for middle school students.


Research resources for high school students.


A general reference database containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political and global issues for Grades 6-12


Designed to support student information needs with research tools and science project information along with encyclopedia articles for Grades 5-9

High School student reference includes encyclopedia, e-book and primary source content plus computer tutorials and life skills information


Internet Resources


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