City Right-of-Way Work Permit

Permit Overview

Any persons needing to excavate into a city right of way (street, alley, boulevard, or other city owned property) must obtain a Right-of-Way Permit (ROW). The permit enables the city to track the excavations within its ROW and ensure the quality of these areas as well.

Permit Fee

The permit fee is $50 per excavation up to 400 lineal feet and requires a scalable map (may be hand drawn) to show area of excavation. If excavating into a paved area, the city engineer has patching requirements prepared. For any questions on the ROW permit, please contact the Engineering Department or visit us at 625 N. 5th Street upstairs at the Building & Development window.


Right-of-Way Permit

There are forms available at the Building and Development Office. The forms must be completed and approved before excavations can begin.

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