Spearfish Survey Control

Control Point Locations

The City of Spearfish Engineering Department has established a network of survey control point monuments throughout the City to aid local surveyors and engineers in coordinating their work with the established City horizontal and vertical datums. The control point monuments have established coordinates on the city grid (NAD 83 / NAVD 88), and are periodically recovered by City surveyors to ensure that these monuments have not been disturbed.

Maps & Data

To access a map showing the approximate location of control point monuments, and to view the control point data list, please read the following disclaimer statement.


Monument Recovery

Please review the Monument Recovery Report Form.


The City of Spearfish accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be present in this map or recovery sheets. The user accepts all responsibility for the use of this map and data. The monument data represented may be used in surveying activities, but should be double checked for accuracy.

  1. Accessing Base Receiver
  2. Survey Control Map
  3. Survey Control Point List

To understand the information needed to access and use the City's Topcon NET-G3A Reference Station Receiver please review the Accessing the City's base Receiver page.