Design Criteria & Adopted Codes

Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria

Ground Snow Load43 pounds per square foot
Seismic Design CategoryA
Wind Speed115 miles per hour

Subject to Damage From

Air Freezing Index2,500
Decay None to slight
Flood HazardsNational Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
Frost Line Depth
42 inches
Ice Shield Underlayment Required
Mean Annual Temperature42
None to slight
Weathering Moderate
Winter Design Temperature
Negative 7 degrees Fahrenheit

Adopted Codes

The City of Spearfish has adopted the following codes:

  • The 2015 South Dakota Plumbing Code
  • The 2021 International Building Code
  • The 2021 International Existing Building Code
  • The 2021 International Fire Code
  • The 2021 International Mechanical Code
  • The 2021 International Residential Code
  • The 2021 Property Maintenance Code

A copy of these Codes are on file in the office of the City Building Official.