Festival in the Park Reservations

Reservation Policy

  • Reservations may be made for the following year on your same site starting Festival in the Park weekend of the current year.
  • If you are in a hookup site this year, you have the rights to that same site for the following year.
  • If you would like to change sites, you may request to be moved to a different site. If a site is unclaimed or let go of, we will make an effort to move you to the requested available site. To ensure that you have a site for the following year, we ask that you make a reservation for your current site for the time being until you can be moved.
  • You must make your reservations the following year by July 31 of the current year in order to keep your site for the following year. After this time any unclaimed sites will be released and available for anyone to reserve.
  • At the time you make your reservation, we ask that you pay a one-night deposit to guarantee your site.
  • The remaining amount of your stay will be due by July 1 of the following year.

When You Arrive

Please check in at the Campground Office before going to your site to pick up your parking pass.

Late Check-Outs

Vendors, if you will not be checking out until after 1 p.m. on Sunday because of the Festival, you can request a late check out, you must be out of the site by 6 p.m. Please make arrangements for this with the office staff prior to check-in.

Making a Reservation 

To make reservations or for questions, you may call the Campground Office at 605-642-1340.