Rules & Regulations

Placement of Items at Graves

  • Fences, hedges, or other obstructions around or on grave units or around lots or cemetery parcels are prohibited.
  • Except for those plantings provided by the city, the planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, or plants is prohibited, including on cemetery parcels and in the Rose Garden. As existing plantings located on graves or in alleyways die or obstruct maintenance operations, they will be removed and will not be replaced.
  • Wreaths, artificial flowers, shepherd’s hooks, and devices similar to shepherd’s hooks are allowed on cemetery parcels from October 1 through April 1 only.  Artificial and fresh-cut flowers are permitted year-round in permanent vases as long as they don’t extend beyond the base of the monument.
  • Except for the holidays listed below, cone vases with fresh cut flowers are the only items that can be placed on cemetery parcels from April 1 through October 1.  Artificial and fresh-cut flowers are permitted year-round in permanent vases as long as they don’t extend beyond the base of the monument. 
  • Items will be allowed on cemetery parcels three (3) days prior to the observed Memorial Day holiday and ten (10) days following the observed Memorial Day holiday. 
  • Items are allowed on cemetery parcels the Thursday before until the Monday following the following holidays:
    • Easter,
    • Mother's Day, and
    • Father's Day.
  • Items may be placed on monuments and bases if they do not protrude past the monument base. Items that are located on monuments or bases will be removed if they protrude past the monument base. 
  • All flags and other decorations, funeral designs, cut flowers, and all other items placed on cemetery parcels will be removed by the city when they become unsightly, damaged, impede maintenance operations, or are not placed in compliance with this section.
  • All items that are subject to time limits under this section must be removed at the expiration of those time limits. If the items are not removed, they will be discarded.
  • No glass containers or glass items of any type are permitted in the cemetery. All glass containers or glass items located in the cemetery will be removed.
  • In no case are city employees responsible for items left on any cemetery parcel.  The city reserves the right to remove items from the cemetery.
  • Benches and other structures are not allowed on cemetery parcels at any time.
  • Except for during the approved holidays listed above, decorations are not allowed on cemetery parcels that have a flush marker.
  • Concrete borders around graves are not allowed. Corner markers may be placed at the rightsholder’s expense. Corner markers shall be flush with the ground and no larger than four (4) square inches in surface area. If existing concrete borders become unsightly or damaged, the city will remove the concrete border and replace the area with grass.
  • Permanent vases shall only be placed within the grave space on the sides of the concrete monument bases.

Markers & Monuments

  • All markers in sections G and F shall be placed on the west side of the space facing east.  The placement of all other monuments will be at the discretion of cemetery staff and will coincide with nearby monuments.  Footstones shall be flush with the surface of the ground.
  • One upright marker shall be allowed per space. Additional markers shall be placed flush with the ground.
  • A permit is required before placement, repair, engraving, or replacement of monuments. The permit must be obtained through the finance office.  A two-business day notice must be given prior to placement of the monument.
  • A monument may be removed before grave digging and then replaced once the grave has been prepared. The monument removal and replacement will be at the rightsholder’s expense.

For further information, call the Finance Office at 605-642-1325

Effective October 2020