Rules & Regulations

Placement of Items at Graves

  • Planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, or plants shall be prohibited, including grave spaces and the Rose Garden. As existing plantings located on graves or in alleyways die, they shall not be replaced.
  • Trees may be planted as authorized by the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Technician.
  • Wreaths and artificial flowers will be allowed on graves from October first through April first.
  • From April 1 to October 1, no items may be placed on the graves with the exception of cone vases, which may be placed with fresh cut flowers.
  • Items may be placed on grave markers and bases as long as they do not protrude past the marker base. Items that are located on grave markers or bases will be removed if they protrude past the marker base.
  • Items will be allowed on graves three days prior to the observed Memorial Day holiday and ten days following the observed Memorial Day holiday.
  • Items will be allowed on graves the Thursday before until Sunday on Easter, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.
  • Flowers will be allowed in permanent vases year round.
  • Flowers, items, and decorations on lots or graves will be removed when they become unsightly, damaged, or are not placed in compliance with these regulations.
  • Artificial flowers and wreaths removed at the expiration of time limits will be held for 14 days, and then discarded.
  • No glass containers or items of any type will be permitted in the Cemetery. All glass containers or items located in the Cemetery will be removed.
  • The City will not be held responsible for articles, which may be left on any lot or grave. In all cases, the right is given to the City to remove from any lot or grave any article, which is unsightly or otherwise objectionable.
  • Concrete borders around graves will not be allowed. Corner markers, if desired, may be placed at the property owner's expense and shall be flush with the ground and no larger than four square inches in surface area.
  • Permanent vases shall only be placed within the grave space on the sides of the concrete monument bases.

Markers & Monuments

  • One upright marker shall be allowed per space. Additional markers shall be placed flush with the ground.
  • A monument permit shall be required before placement, repair, engraving, etc. of monuments. The permit is available on the City website or from the Cemetery Sexton.
  • A grave marker may be removed before grave digging and then replaced once the grave has been prepared. The cost for marker removal and replacement will be at the owner's expense.

More Information

For further information, call the Cemetery Office at 605-642-1325.