Items Not Requiring City Council Approval

Events/Programs/Requests Not Requiring City Council Approval & Not Requiring a Formal Application Under This Policy

The following non-profit in-kind requests not requiring City Council approval shall be reviewed for possible approval by the City Administrator and subject to the review and application process required of all participating departments.

In all such cases, these requests for in-kind support will not require the filing of the formal application.

Eligibility for consideration under this policy section shall not occur if any organization is not eligible as outlined in Section 4 under conditions of this policy, and shall only occur under the following limited conditions:

  • That the utilization of city property is compliant with existing city policies and ordinances and will not require additional subsidies through the city budget or impact city staffing and resources.
  • Any utilization of city properties and assets for the support of public meetings for county, state and federal agencies/commissions, local/state/national organizations to which the City of Spearfish participates as a member, and state/federal legislative oversight groups.
  • Waiver of use policies and/or rental and insurance fees in those instances when the event/program benefits the community; can be co-sponsored as a “City of Spearfish” event; is consistent with the normal use of the facility; and can be supported with budgeted city staff/resources.
  • Approval of any City Council approved prior year event which remains substantially similar in scope and did not require any direct city cash payment contribution and/or in-kind assistance.