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Aerial view of Lookout Mountain Park

First Description

Lookout Mountain was described and photographed by the Newton Jenny Expedition in 1875 when it was named Joe's Peak after a prominent character named California Joe. The peak played a role in early settlement, and it is argued whether or not Native Americans or early settlers used the peak as a lookout, resulting in the modern name. 

Sandstone & The Theon Stone

In 1887 the Thoen Stone was found on this mountain. It is a local lore claiming gold was found in the Black Hills prior to the 1874 documented discovery. Its authenticity is still debated today. The Thoen Stone reads:

Came to these Hills in 1833, seven of us, De LaCompte, Ezra Kind, G.W. Wood, T. Brown, R. Kent, W King, Indian Crow. All dead but me, Ezra Kind. Killed by Ind beyond the high hill. Got all the gold we could carry. Our ponys all got by Indians. Have lost my gun and nothing to eat and Indians hunting me.

Many of the sandstone blocks used to construct buildings in Spearfish are said to have been mined from Lookout Mountain.

Black Hills State University H& the Mountaintop

The Black Hills State University H is located on the property and has been a part of the area for many years. The top of Lookout Mountain provides a great location for a variety of communication towers.