Land Management Plan

View of rocks and trees at Lookout Mountain Park

A Land Management Plan (LMP) is the tool by which specific property is managed and maintained. It is the document that outlines the principles and objectives for which a property is protected, and it lays out the specific plans and actions by which those objectives are met.

Creating the Land Management Plan

The Spearfish City Council at the October 7, 2013 City Council Meeting passed Resolution 2013-31, A Resolution Designating Bike Paths On Lookout Mountain. 

A part of Resolution 2013-31 directs City Staff to create a LMP to better comply with the Conservation Easement that exists on Lookout Mountain and to preserve the property as a regional icon and as a pristine public recreation area.

Creating the Lookout Mountain Trail Committee

The Spearfish City Council at the November 4, 2013 City Council Meeting passed a subsequent resolution, Resolution 2013-36 Establishing The Lookout Mountain Trail Committee. 

This Committee will assist with the LMP and to make recommendations of which trails, of the existing trails on the Schmidt Parcel now temporarily designated as Bike Path, should remain designated as Bike Path, and which trails will be designated for non-wheeled recreation only, and which trails should be reclaimed and returned to their natural state.