City Council Approval (Application Eligibility)

All non-profit requests which do not fall under Section 1 of this policy require the filing of an application. The City Council will review applications for municipal nonprofit support after considering the following eligibility criteria. All applications must be submitted no later than June 15 of preceding fiscal year. The following are the conditions for filing non-profit eligibility:

  • A not-for-profit organization that meets the definition of “non-profit” as defined in this policy.
  • Provides a recreation, cultural or community service to a significant proportion of city residents that the city does not otherwise provide.
  • Has demonstrated revenue-generating capability for the event/program or the organization can demonstrate that it has exhausted all other potential avenues of funding for the service or event.
  • Organizations demonstrate collaboration and cooperation with other local organizations in the sharing of resources.
  • Organizations that receive any funding are required to acknowledge the support of the municipality through the use of the municipal, website and tag line on any promotion material for the event, service, activity, etc. The plan for the use of the municipal logo, website and tag line will be submitted as part of the event application to the City Administrator for his/her review.