Animal Ordinances

You can read the entire animal ordinance online.

Section 5-1 Running at Large Prohibited

No owner of any animal shall permit such animal to run at large in the city and no animal shall be off the premises of its owner unless restrained upon a leash and accompanied by its owner or a member of the owner's immediate family. City Fines apply.

Section 5-34 Nuisances

Any dog or cat within the city which habitually barks or howls or chases or annoys animals, vehicles or persons or which damages or destroys property is hereby declared a nuisance. the chief of police of other police officer may proceed to abate such nuisance. City Fines apply.

Section 5-51 City Pet Tag Required

It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to keep, maintain or have in his custody or under his control any dog or cat without first having obtained a license from the city. City Fines apply.

Section 5-11 Liability for Fines, Cost Etc.

All fees, fines or cost levied or incurred by the city in the enforcement of this chapter shall be paid by the owner of the animal.