Suspicious Activity

  1. Suspicious People
  2. Suspicious Vehicles
  3. Suspicious Property
Person forcing entrance or entering a house you know is unoccupiedPossible burglary, theft or trespassing
Person going door-to-door in a residential area, especially if one or more persons goes to rear of residencePossible burglary suspect or trespasser
Person loitering around car or going from car to car peering into them, especially in parking lots or on streetsPossible car theft
Person running, especially if something of value is being carried or if it's an unusual hourPossible suspect fleeing the scene of a crime, such as burglary or robbery
Person screamingPossible rape or assault
Person waiting or loitering in front of a house or business, if house is unoccupied or business is closed.Possible burglary suspects
Persons loitering around schools, parks or secluded areasPossible sex offender or drug dealer
Persons offering items for sale at a very low pricePossibly trying to sell stolen property
Strangers loitering or slowly walking through neighborhood several timesPossible burglary suspect or vandals