1960 patch design

Original 1960s Patch Design

In December of 1960, the City of Spearfish allowed the first purchase of patches for the Police Department uniforms. Either Chief Edward J. Chardoneau (1954 to 1960) or Dan McKillip (1960 to 1963) started the patches.

The very first patch of the Spearfish Police Department was purchased in December of 1960. The original patch looked very similar to the blue design, but without the word Spearfish on it. 

The blue patch pictured replaced the first one during the time that Dan McKillip was Chief. The colors and the shape did not change.

1963 patch designRedesigned 1960s Patch Design

In 1963 Chief Bud Litchewski changed the patch to a black patch with an image. He also dramatically changed the look of the uniforms worn by the officers that year.

1975 Patch Design

1975 patch designIn 1975, the patch again was changed and has been worn by every Spearfish Police Officer since. 

Chief Clayton Pummel changed the patch by having an artist by the name of Single Jim design a patch. All the officers liked the design, and Chief Pummel went with it.