1963 uniform design1950s and Early 1960s Uniform Designs

The uniforms of the Spearfish Police Department in the 1950s were grey shirts with grey pants. (No photo available)

In about 1960, Chief Dan McKillip changed the uniform. Officers wore navy blue jackets with navy blue pants. (No photo available)

In 1963, Chief Bud Litchewski changed the uniforms. Officers wore white uniform shirts with light blue uniform pants with a dark blue stripe. Officers wore this uniform during the summer months. In the winter, officers worn a navy blue uniform shirt with the same pants.

Early 1970s uniform designUniform Designs in the 1970s

Chief Marvin Heim (1969 to 1970) changed the uniform to look very similar to that of the South Dakota Highway Patrol at the time. (No photo available)

In 1970 or 1971, Chief Clayton Pummel changed to a brown and tan. Officers wore a tan uniform shirt with dark brown lapels and pocket flaps. They also wore dark brown pants with a tan stripe. 

The officers at the time wore uniforms very similar to the Highway Patrol. They decided to be unique and not wear the traditional blue uniform and went with the brown and tan.

2002 uniform designUniform Redesign in 2002

In January of 2002, Chief Patrick Rotert changed the uniform to Los Angeles Police Department blue uniform shirts and pants. 

The badges were also changed in June of 2002. This is the first time in the history of our department officers wear shields and not stars as their badge.