Special Project / Event Containers

City of Spearfish solid waste customers can contact the Public Works Department at 605-642-1333 for a "clean-out container."

Explanation of Procedures

The renter must sign a form explaining the procedures for the container prior to delivery.


The following rates shall be charged for containers used within a thirty-day (30) period of time. If containers are requested for longer than 30 days, a service fee of $30 plus tax for a 300 gallon container, and $40 plus tax for a 450 gallon container will be charged per month until the container is picked up:

  • Container charge and one pickup:
    • 300 Gallon: $30 plus tax
    • 450 Gallon: $40 plus tax
  • Extra Pickups
    • 300 Gallon: $24 plus tax
    • 450 Gallon: $32 plus tax