Stormwater / Grading Permits

Comments & Suggestions

Anyone wishing to report an illicit discharge of polluted storm water into one of the City’s drainages, or if you have any comments, concerns or suggestions in reference to Stormwater, please call, fax or write the Public Works Department.

Grading & Erosion Control Ordinance


Currently the State of South Dakota and the United States Environmental Protection Agency requires anyone who will be disturbing one acre or more-to have a Stormwater Permit through this state. They are also required to have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to show how they will be control sediment runoff and other pollutants from leaving the property.  The City of Spearfish ordinance will also require a Grading Permit and a review of the SWPPP by Public Works Staff before any grading begins.

Those who are disturbing land from 1000 square feet to one acre do not need a Stormwater permit through the State but will be required to have a Grading Permit through the City of Spearfish. Those disturbing 1/2 to 1 will need to have a Grading and Erosion Control Plan (GECP) (also reviewed by staff) to show how they will be control sediment and other pollutants on the property where the grading is taking place.

Exempt Activities for Grading Permit

  • Any emergency activity that is immediately needed for the protection of life, property, or natural resources.
  • Any nursery and agricultural operations as permitted main or accessory use.
  • Land disturbing activity less than 1000 square feet.

Responsible Erosion Controls

Exempt activities do not require a permit but are required to apply responsible erosion controls as needed and are subject to penalties set forth in the code of ordinances.

If project requires a Grading Permit and a Building Permit is also required, Grading Permit will need approval before building permit will be granted.