Stop the Leaks

High Water Bill

A high water bill may indicate you have a leak. Even a small leak can waste enough water for you to notice an increase on your bill. If there is a leak anywhere within your plumbing system, the person named on the utility bill must pay for the water used. Fix your leaks promptly to avoid paying for them each month. Did you know a 1/4" leak wastes 393,833 gallons* in one month:

  • 1/16 inch leak wastes 24,666 gallon (at 60 pounds of pressure) in one month
  • 1/8 inch leak wastes 98,666 gallons (at 60 pounds of pressure) in one month
  • 3/16 inch leak wastes 222,000 gallons (at 60 pounds of pressure) in one month

Suspected Leak

If you suspect you have a leak but can't find one, please contact a plumber.

Finding Water Leaks

Most leaks are easy to find, but some can go undetected. Here are some ideas to help find a water leak in your home:

  1. Air Conditioner / Humidifier
  2. Dishwasher / Clothes Washer
  3. Faucets
  4. Outside Faucets
  5. Sprinkler Systems
  6. Toilets
  7. Water Service Connection
  8. Water Heater
  9. Water Softener
  • Check for water leaks