Three Mile Extra Territory Information

Resolution 2011-25 

Adoption of the Spearfish Area Master Transportation Plan Including a Major Street Plan and 3-Mile Extraterritorial Platting Jurisdiction

Whereas, the City of Spearfish, South Dakota recognizes the need for a transportation master plan that will guide decision making for the improvement of the existing transportation system, as well as identify new elements of the transportation system to be developed in the future.

Whereas, South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 11-6-26 requires the City of Spearfish to adopt a Major Streets Plan, and record a copy of such plan with the County Register of Deeds. This requirement enables the City to govern the subdivision platting of lands outside of city limits, up to three miles in order to implement a coordinated street network.

Whereas, The City of Spearfish Major Street Plan, as attached in Exhibit A, represents the future growth areas of the City and the street network intended to serve it. Exhibit B illustrates the three mile platting jurisdiction and has been approved by Lawrence County Commissioners in Resolution 2011-25, and the City of Spearfish wishes to join in that approval.

Now therefore be it resolved that we, the assembled members of the Common Council of the City of Spearfish do hereby adopt Spearfish Area Transportation Master Plan/ moveSpearfish and the Major Street Plan (Exhibit A) as the City's official transportation policy document, and the Three Mile Extra Territorial Platting map (Exhibit B)

Adopted this 17th day of October 2011.