Sky Ridge SportsPlex Naming Rights

The sportsplex at Sky Ridge is a city-owned and operated sportsplex that will provide adult softball, youth softball, and youth soccer a state-of-the-art facility for practices, games, and tournaments.


The sportsplex consists of four softball fields and six full-sized soccer fields that will be broken down by age to be able to host eighteen games simultaneously. This complex is complete with lights on all four softball fields and the championship soccer field along with 450 parking spots, concessions and restroom buildings, and food truck parking.


This sportsplex will be home to over 400 youth soccer players, 150 youth softball players, and over 600 adult softball players. This complex will allow the City of Spearfish to meet many of the current recreational needs of our community. Once constructed, the sportsplex will draw an estimated 80,000 visitors to Spearfish each year for the regular season, league, and large tournament games that Spearfish has been unable to host in the past due to a lack of adequate facilities.

Sky Ridge SportsPlex Rendering