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Posted on: August 17, 2021

Cat rescued by fire department

cat with firefighter

SPEARFISH, SD – Firefighters rescuing a cat in a tree may sound like something out of a storybook, but the Spearfish Fire Department needed to do just that on Monday.

Lily, the cat in question, had climbed approximately 40 feet up a tree in the forest off of McGuigan Road. After the cat spent nearly two days up in the tree, with the hot temperatures, her owner called the Spearfish Fire Department for help in rescuing Lily.

“We were all exclaiming that we finally had a cat in a tree call, but it was more complicated than what we initially thought,” Fire Chief Travis Ladson said, describing that the tree was located down a steep, 60-foot incline from the owner’s residence, requiring firefighters to hike in, brush out the area with chainsaws, and use a large, three-section extension  ladder off of the department’s ladder truck to reach the cat.

“We could hear her (Lily) yowling in distress as we were preparing to safely get her down from the tree,” Ladson said. “She was happy to be back on the ground and reunited with her owner, that’s for sure, and we were happy to be part of bringing her home.”

Ladson added the rescue provided hands-on experience using various equipment the firefighters utilize during calls for service to the community.

Nine firefighters assisted with the rescue, including resources from the U.S. Forest Service.

Cat ladder

Caption: Firefighters used a large, three-section extension  ladder off of the Spearfish Fie Department’s ladder truck to reach a cat approximately 40 feet up this tree. Photo courtesy Spearfish Fire Department

cat with firefighter

Caption: Spearfish Fire Department Captain Donald Werner III brought Lily, the cat who had climbed approximately 40 feet up a tree, down safely during the rescue Monday. Lily had been in the tree for nearly two days in the hot temperatures. Photo courtesy Spearfish Fire Department

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