What can I do to help?

The best thing you can do is be concerned about the welfare and appearance of your street and neighborhood; then take action:

  • Arrange for Code Enforcement staff to speak at your neighborhood gathering
  • Become active in your neighborhood homeowners association
  • Call to report realtors who advertise properties in your neighborhood with code violations
  • Encourage neighbors and surrounding businesses to maintain their property
  • Encourage your children to care about a clean neighborhood
  • Make sure your property is free from code violations
  • Organize a block or alley clean up
  • Remove temporary signs from utility poles
  • Report illegal dumping immediately
  • Return a stray shopping cart to the store
  • Volunteer to organize a clean-up in your neighborhood

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1. Why are there property maintenance codes and requirements?
2. What does it cost to have someone from the property maintenance office come and inspect my property?
3. I live just outside the Spearfish city limits, do I still need to comply with the property maintenance requirements?
4. What can I do to help?