What process should I expect to see if I have a violation?

When a code violation is reported, we open an incident and work towards resolving the issue through a process of education, inspection, and notices. Continued violations are followed by progressive enforcement. Each code has its own set of enforcement procedures; however, the process generally follows this sequence:

  • Abate (violation removed/corrected by a contractor hired by the city)
  • Complaint received from citizen or observed by city employee
  • Criminal prosecution filed if not corrected ($500 fine per offense, each day in violation is a separate offense)
  • If violation is corrected, case is closed
  • Inspection conducted to verify if violation exists
  • Lien is filed with the county against the property
  • Notification is given to property owner or tenant allowing time for correction
  • Process turned over to city attorney for prosecution if not corrected
  • Re-inspection is conducted after date to correct has passed

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2. What process should I expect to see if I have a violation?
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