How much time do I have to correct a code violation?

The amount of time allowed to correct a code violation varies depending on the violation. Once a violation is verified, it is the intent of the property maintenance office to have the resident/property owner come into voluntary compliance. To accomplish this, the resident is normally given 7 to 30 days to take whatever action is necessary to correct the problem. The Inspector does have the option of requesting correction in fewer days. An example of a quicker correction period would be a vehicle parking on and blocking the public sidewalk, or a violation which presents a serious safety or health hazard.

There may be a request to correct these types of violations within 24 hours. City ordinance requires snow to be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of being notified.

If an extension of time is necessary, call the Property Maintenance Office at 605-717-1126 before the deadline. Most of the time extensions will be granted if they are within reason and the issue that needs to be corrected involves something more than just a simple fix; such as moving a vehicle, pulling weeds, shoveling a sidewalk, or is not an immediate hazard.

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