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Tinton Tank Water Distribution Line Upsize

(Project Completed As of May 17th, 2019)

 A&L Contractors

 In-House Design by the
 Engineering Department
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Construction Update: June 03, 2019:

On May 17th, 2019 the contractor completed all work installing the water line to the Tinton water tank and the existing 8" and 12" water lines on the north side of Hill Street. The city has now reseeded the disturbed areas, which concludes all work for this project. The contractor completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule at a final contract sum of $72,855.20, which was a net increase of $535.20. The net increase was due to the City substituting a different type of High Deflection Coupling then what was called out in the plans, and the contractor not using a 45 degree vertical joint that was originally called out on the plans; the 45 degree joint was no longer needed, as the depth of the existing water line was much deeper than originally anticipated and the contractor was able to cross above the existing line rather than crossing below the line, therefore eliminating the need for the joint.

Construction Update: April 12, 2019:

The contractor began work installing the new PVC distribution water line that will continue to feed existing water lines from the Tinton water tank throughout this region of the City. The contractor began installing the new water line on the south side of Hill Street and worked up the hill proceeding southeast toward the water tank. As of Friday April 12th, the contractor has reached the top of the hill and will wait to make the new connection at the tank until the remainder of the distribution line has been installed and tested on the north side of Hill Street. In order to continue installing the distribution line on the north side of Hill Street, the contractor will construct an open cut a trench across the road and place the water line at the required depth under the road. 

Be Advised, in order for the contractor to complete the installation of the water line across the road, Hill Street will be fully closed at this location for the entire day on Tuesday April 16th, 2019.

The closure will begin at the intersection of Harvard St. and Hill St., and will continue west for approximately 800 feet. This closure is scheduled to last the full day, and will be opened again by the end of daylight hours on Tuesday April 16, 2019. This closure will impact all traffic on Hill Street and Tinton Road from Harvard Street to McGuigan Road. The detour routes are shown on the image below. This is detour route is longer than usual due to the lack of a closer access to and from McGuigan Road, so please plan accordingly. 

Traffic Control for Hill Street Closure

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