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Online Resources
The following resources have log-ins that might require your library card barcode number and last name. The links below may require that you scroll down and select the picture shown from a list of resources. For assistance e-mail us or call (605) 642-1330. 


SIRS Discoverer (For Grades K-8)
For students and educators, this multidisciplinary database covers current events, history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, and more


SIRS Discoverer (For Grades K-8)
A general reference for elementary students, it offers easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia, images and videos as well as games, science projects, and activities.

BookFlix-140 BookFlix®
Hundreds of talking books for children. It pairs approximately 120 animated stories with a nonfiction talking book on a similar subject.

Primary Search (For Grades K-6)
For elementary schools; it contains articles from popular children's magazines, easy-to-read encyclopedia entries and a large image collection 

Science Reference Center (For Grades K-12)
Articles from hundreds of science magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, and a large image collection; primarily for K-12 students.