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Libraries Rock!

Join the library this summer for activities & programs for all ages!

Starting June 1, you can pick up materials to get started with the summer reading programs.

Pick up an activity log and bag of goodies to start off your child’s summer!

Ages 3-8:
Pick up your Reading Logs or use our printable log. Read two hours a week and come to the library each week for weekly prizes! Complete all 8 weeks to be eligible for grand-prize drawings. Deadline for reading logs is August 1.

Ages 8-13:
Challenge yourself to read 40 hours this summer and get access to an INVITE ONLY Skating Party at the Spearfish Rec Center. Pizza and prizes for those who attend. Stop in the library June 1 to pick up your reading challenge log (or use our printable log) or keep track of your hours ONLINE. Deadline for completed challenge is July 25.

WEEKLY EVENTS (start June 5)

Toddler Story time (Ages 1-3)
    Tuesdays at 9:30 AM

Story time (Ages 4-8)
    Tuesdays at 9:30 am
    Wednesdays at 10:30 am

Music Activity Day Thursdays!
    Ages 3-7 at 10:00 am
    Ages 7-10 at 1:00 pm


June 1: Kick-off Weekend! Grab your materials at the Library.

June 6: Tween Craft @ 12-1:00pm (includes lunch)
             MINIMUM AGE OF 10

June 13: Lego Club @ 3:30-4:30 PM (snacks provided) 
               AGES 8-12

June 27: Tween Craft @ 12-1:00pm (includes lunch)
               MINIMUM AGE OF 10

July 11: Lego Club @ 3:30-4:30 PM (snacks provided)
              AGES 8-12

July 18: Super Fun Concert w/ Bradley Weaver @ 2pm
             (@BHSU - Meier Hall)

July 25: Tween Craft @ 12-1:00pm (includes lunch)
              MINIMUM AGE OF 10

July 25: Last day to submit minutes for ages 8-13
              for invite-only skating party

July 27: INVITE ONLY Skating Party for ages 8-13 from 6-8pm

August 1: Last day to turn in reading logs to be eligible for prizes

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Join us for our monthly events!

Lego Club monthly 



Online Resources
The following resources have log-ins that might require your library card barcode number and last name. The links below may require that you scroll down and select the picture shown from a list of resources. For assistance e-mail us or call (605) 642-1330. 


SIRS Discoverer (For Grades K-8)
For students and educators, this multidisciplinary database covers current events, history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, and more


SIRS Discoverer (For Grades K-8)
A general reference for elementary students, it offers easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia, images and videos as well as games, science projects, and activities.

BookFlix-140 BookFlix®
Hundreds of talking books for children. It pairs approximately 120 animated stories with a nonfiction talking book on a similar subject.

Primary Search (For Grades K-6)
For elementary schools; it contains articles from popular children's magazines, easy-to-read encyclopedia entries and a large image collection 

Science Reference Center (For Grades K-12)
Articles from hundreds of science magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, and a large image collection; primarily for K-12 students.