Policies and Special Services

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The City may provide pick-up services for residential customers. Customers must contact the Public Works Office at 605-642-1333 to schedule the pick-up. The fee will be applied to the customer's monthly utility bill. The following items are accepted:

  • Furniture, mattresses and box springs: (add 6.5% tax) 1st item $15, $10 per item after that. Amount not to exceed standard pickup load
  • Appliances: (add 6.5% tax)

         1)  Appliances that do NOT use Freon: 1st item $15, $10 per item after that. Amount not to exceed standard pickup load
         2)  Appliances that have, or DO contain Freon: With Certificate-see above rates; Without Certificate-$60 for the first item and $20 for each additional item.


The City may provide a truck for city residents' use based on availability. Spearfish residents with a current, up-to-date account must come to the Public Works Office to reserve a truck and authorize the payment to be added to their monthly utility bill. Trucks are delivered and removed by City staff during normal business hours. The truck will be parked on paved or graveled surfaces only. The City will not be responsible for rutting or driveway damage. Truck rental not available during clean-up days.
** Residents may not mix loads   
**Residents may not operate the truck 

  • Items Allowed:
    1)   Branches (by themselves);
    2)   Shingles (no paper or plastic);
    3)   Concrete, asphalt, dirt and rock (may be combined or separate)
  • Items NOT allowed are:
    Plastic, cardboard, treated lumber, hazardous materials, household trash. Yard waste, such as leaves and garden plants, is not permitted.
  • Rate: $80.00 + tax Any mixed load will result in a $50.00 + tax surcharge. Commercial use is not permitted


  • The City will NOT collect these items unless specifically authorized by the City Council.


  • Used oil & antifreeze will be accepted free of charge at the Restricted Use Site during business hours. Oil and antifreeze must be in separate containers and labeled.
  • Christmas tree disposal - The City will provide free of charge, collection and disposal services to residential customers with specific pick-up times and dates determined by the Public Works Department. Christmas trees may also be taken to the RUS during hours of operation free of charge.