Water Department

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waterThe City of Spearfish has a combined water and sewer department.  It is currently overseen by the Utilities Superintendent and a 6 person crew.  The crew is responsible for inspection and maintenance of the City’s approximately 100 miles of water line, 7 wells which produce high quality water (treated with fluoride and chlorine), 2 water booster stations and 5.4 Million gallons of water storage facilities.

The City’s water usage averaged about 1.6 million gallons per day in 2014.  The department samples weekly at various points around the City and completes all sampling required by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources and EPA every year (please refer to the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report).

All sample data is available for public view during business hours at the Green Acres Shop, 540 32nd Street.  All crew members are required to obtain and maintain certification for water treatment, water distribution, as well as wastewater collection.

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