Other Area Traffic Web Cams

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Camera views provided by © Iteris, Inc. All rights reserved.

Belle Fourche Area - Northwest of town, US-212 MP 1.3 (near Wyoming border)
                               US-212 looking West                                                            US-212 looking East

                                                                              US-212 road surface view

Deadwood Area - Jct. US-85 & US-14A
                       US-85 & US-14A looking West                                                    US-85 & US-14A looking East

                                                                              US-85 & US-14A road surface view

Sturgis Area - West of town, I-90 MP 28.6

                                 I-90 looking West                                                                   I-90 looking East

                                                                                   I-90 road surface view

Sturgis Area - East of town, I-90 MP 35.6
                                  I-90 looking West                                                                       I-90 looking East

                                                                                  I-90 road surface view

Tilford Area - I-90 MP 38 (8 miles East of Sturgis)
                                 I-90 looking West                                                                        I-90 looking East

                                                                                    I-90 road surface view

Rapid City Area - West of Town, I-90 MP 54 (1 mile West of Deadwood Ave. exit)

                            I-90 looking Westbound                                                           I-90 looking Eastbound

                                                                               I-90 road surface view

Rapid City Area - East of Town, US-16B & Elk Vale Road (South of I-90 Exit 61)
                            US-16B looking South                                                            US-16B looking North

                                                                               US-16B road surface view

Ellsworth Area - I-90 MP 65 (4 miles East of Rapid City)
                                 I-90 looking West                                                                       I-90 looking East

                                                                                    I-90 road surface view

Silver City Area - Jct. US-385 & SD-44 (2 miles North of Pactola Reservoir)
                  Jct. US-385 & SD-44 looking West                                          Jct. US-385 & SD-44 looking East

                                                                     Jct. US-385 & SD-44 road surface view

Hardy Station Area - US-85 MP 2 (Southwest of Deadwood near Wyoming border)
                            US-85 looking North                                                                US-85 looking South

                                                                                  US-85 road surface view