Contact Kieffer Sanitation for your recycling needs!

The City of Spearfish contracts with Kieffer Sanitation to provide curbside recycling to the residents of the city.  Customers may call Kieffer Sanitation at 892-4635 to order a recycling container.  The special containers are a beige, 96-gallon container with a recycling label.  The monthly cost is only $5.95/mo and will be billed through Kieffer Sanitation.
Items accepted in your recycling container are:
Aluminum - beverage cans, food containers, aluminum bottles, hairspray cans, shave cream cans, spray starch cans
Steel - vegetable and soup cans, coffee cans, empty paint cans, empty aerosol cans
Plastics - milk jugs, detergent jugs, soda, water, hair care bottles, food containers, empty paint containers, items with a recycle triangle at the bottom.  If recycling pesticides or other toxic substance containers, PLEASE triple rinse them
Glass - beverage bottles, jars (please remove lids)
A free residential drop off for flattened, corrugated cardboard is available at the RUS (rubble site) during business hours.

Contact Kieffer Sanitation at 892-4635 today to order your recycling container!