Snow Reminders

As we approach winter, it is helpful to make sure dead storage vehicles, boats, campers, trailers, etc. are removed from streets now to avoid issues when it snows.  When we do have snow, it is important to be aware of the on-street parking regulations that may be in effect.  The City of Spearfish Snow Information and Advisory Guide can be found on the homepage of our website.  It contains information to help you be prepared for snow removal operations and avoid parking issues.

Spearfish residents are reminded that City Ordinance section 9-27-(4) requires that property owners or tenants keep sidewalks clear of snow, ice and obstructions. Generally speaking, after the snow event has ended and no more significant snow is predicted, the sidewalk needs to be cleared of all snow. For those that do not comply with this ordinance, a written notice will be delivered and the owner/tenant has 24 hours to shovel the snow.

Failure to clear the sidewalk may result in the City of Spearfish hiring a contractor to remove the snow and bill the property owner. Snow removal from the sidewalk is an important public safety concern, especially around high pedestrian areas such as schools, clinics, hospitals and shopping areas. A listing of contractors/individuals that provide residential snow removal services will be available at the city property maintenance office. Contractors and individuals who provide for-hire services may call the property maintenance office at 717-1126 to be included on the list.